This Automatic Tunnel Oven have been designed after extensive studies and researches and experiments with several try outs to bake flattened dough pieces to edible mature bread in a fully automated way and to transport it later to cooling conveyors. It was designed by Bimatic to be the best, relatively low fuel consumption, long life-time despite being exposed to high temperature.

Automatic Tunnel Oven

The oven can be operated via gas or diesel burner. The oven consists of chain made with specific metal parts and thermal food grade steel plates to tolerate high temperature. It is designed with suitable thermal distribution and safe insulating layers (3 different layers of bricks, fire clay, salt and rock wool and fiber ceramic) with low emissions combustion process and relatively low fuel consumption. It is inflammable and not harmful to health (without harmful contents that cause cancer). It is also equipped with exhaust hood and circular duct diameter 30 cm to exit CO2 gases from the oven to outside (roof). The bearings and housings are well protected from excessive heat. Furthermore; heat resistant out feed conveyor to receive and transfer the loaves from the tunnel oven to the cooling conveyors. The oven is made internally with high quality bricks that can tolerate high temperature up to 1000 degree Celsius and preserve it for long time inside the oven. The oven is controlled via variable speed motor and variable inverter system to control the production rate process by a control panel that is mounted on the wall / oven / stand. The machine can be upgraded; due to demand, to have extra burner at the bottom or out-feed conveyor to be fully stainless as well as to be equipped with CE safety and protection features.

Compact Tunnel Oven
Output Model












Power supply

(V A C) 





Total Power



Compact TOC 450 175 170 4000 190-380 50-60 2 2.0-2.50

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