Sweets Composed of:

Kallaj Fryer
Used to fry the Kallaj and other eastern sweets. It functions via gas and electricity. It has an electric igniter.
Katayef Machine
Katayef Automatic Machine-operates via Gas- dough is placed in a stainless steel hopper with a continuous mixer.
Petite Four
used to produce butter cookies , shortbread biscuits, meringues, almond pastries , etc… with different shapes.
Planetery Mixers
Designed specifically for the unique high-quality dough needs of commissaries; it is used for mixing cakes, beating,
Crepe Machines
Used to make crepe through a heat source either gas or electrical source.
Pastry Sheeter
Used to sheet and stretch the dough of croissant and other pastry products through adjustable thickness.
Pastry Sheeter


Baklawa Machines:

Baklawa Manual Flattener
This machine is used to flatten the dough of eastern sweets (such as baklava dough) and croissants’ dough.
Tray Irrigator
Sweets Irrigator Machine for irrigating all types of sweets with margarine and sweet liquids.
Automatic Baklawa Flattener
Automatic Baklawa Flattener is used to flatten the dough of eastern sweets (such as baklawa).
Borma Cutter
Borma Cutter Machine is used for cutting Borma (a kind of sweets) into equal pieces and various cutting angles
Baklawa Dough Divider
Dough Divider used to cut the dough for baklawa. It is single row equipment. It is made of stainless steel.


Konafa Machines:

Konafa Dough Beater
Dough Beater is used to make Konafa’s Dough. Its hopper capacity can hold up to 70 Liters. It is made of stainless steel.
Konafa Mincer
The Konafa mincer is used to make mince and sieve th konafa.It operates via electricity. It is made of stainless steel.
Konafa Sifter
Kunafa Sifter is used to make spray and fill konafa on the tray. It operates via gas or electricity.
Konafa Dryer
Konafa Dryer is used to dry the Konafa and Mograbieh. It operates via gas.
Konafa Mixer
Konafa Mixer is used to make Konafa’s Dough. Its hopper capacity can hold up to 80 Liters.
Konafa Rotary Baker
Rotary Baker Machine is used to bake Konafa. It operates via gas or electricity due to demand.


Malban Machines:

Malban Mixer
Noga ( Malban, Halawt EL RIZ) mixer operates via gas. The capacity of the hopper can fit up to 80 kgs.
Malban Cutter
Malban & Noga cutter made of stainless steel and its available in different sizes due to demand.
Ballorieh Presser
Ballorieh Presser is used to press the dough of sweets such as Ballorieh.


Sweets Oven:

Rotary Oven for Sweets
Rotary oven are suitable for uniform and perfect baking of various products like breadsticks and sweets.
Deck Oven
Deck oven is used for baking sweets. It operates via gas , diesel, or electricity due to demand.

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