French Bread

French bread is categorized into several bread sections such as:

• Hamburger

• Baguette

• Pain au Lait

• Sandwich

• White Bread

We as a manufacturing company for bakery equipment , we provide the needs of our clients in this field through machineries such as: spiral mixers, divider & rounder , moulders, bread slicers, fermentation units ,trays , trollies , convection ovens , and  rotary ovens.

French Bread Composed of:

Spiral Mixers
Designed for the unique high-quality dough needs of commissaries.
Bread Divider & Rounder
The Semi-Automatic Dough Divider/ Rounder is used for the bun and roll bread production.
Bread Moulder
It is a simple machine used to roll up the dough. It is particularly suitable for small and medium-scal.
Bread Slicer
is a professional solution for bakeries to cut or divide a loaf of pain de mie bread into slices.
Water Doser & Chiller
Tank is used to cool the supply water in-order to use it dough. As well as the water metering unit.
Flour Sieve
used with wheat / flour in bakeries before preparing and mixing dough.
Trolleys & Trays
Tray transport trolleys are full stainless steel. Easy to clean and move into the proofing chamber
Fermentation Unit
It is a process where bread is proofed before going to the oven.
Convection Oven
Convection ovens are used to bake French breads, croissant , and sweets.
Sugar Grinder
he grinder is a strong, solid machine. It is used to grind sugar, kaak , and bread.
Automatic Divider & Moulder
The automatic group machine is reliable, sturdy and practical, thanks to design technology that makes it highly flexible.
Rotary oven
Suitable for uniform and perfect baking of various products like French bread, pain au lait, hamburger, and buns.
Heated Display Case
Used to display the products and to keep them warm. It is mainly used with croissant.
Hamburger Slicer
Hamburger and French Bread Slicer used to slice and open the bread that need to be prepared.
Two cylinder refiner
It is a compact machine used in pastry shop kitchens for refining, milling and sheeting a variety of food products.



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