Saj is used for making dough for bread which is known as SAJ. The device is made up of stainless steel and everything that in touch with food is compatible with food grade. The device can work either on gas or electric source of heat due to demand. Also the device can be found in different sizes. In-addition to you can order it with trolley to put the Saj on. The trolley can be found either in stainless steel or brick form decoration. It is used by snack, restaurants, home to make saj sandwiches such as lebneh, jebneh , zaatar, etc…


Model Length (cm) Width (cm) Height (cm)
Saj-54-TT 63 63 25
Saj-64-TT 73 73 25
Saj-74-TT 83 83 25
Saj-74-S 80 80 100
Saj-MTro 90 100 200
Saj-Tro 90 170 200
Saj-Copper 100 100 240

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